We provide Rapid Mixer Granulator with excellent mixing and consistent granulation is achieved along with higher productivity. Safe operation and easy thorough cleaning facility improves product quality and achieves lower operating cost. Better mixing and close control of granule size leads to faster tableting speeds with improved quality and least rejections.

Salient Features of RMG:

  • In Vacuum Rated Design
  • PLC and Color Touch Screen based controls with 10 recipe
  • Pneumatically operated top lid
  • Pneumatically operated discharge
  • Four blade impeller and chopper designed
  • Heavy duty square tube main structure without platform and stair case
  • Anti vibration pad

Four blade impeller design is for better dry mixing of powder and best mixing characteristics and faster processing. It is in full length with tangent mounting for better mixing of dry powder and floating of material. Half radial short blades are useful for better tumbling of powder.

Gross Volume
Working Volume
Capacity In Kgs. (Wet Mass)
PRS RMG 25 25 LTRS 20 LTRS 10 KGS.
PRS RMG 100 100 LTRS 80 LTRS 40 KGS.
PRS RMG 150 150 LTRS 120 LTRS 60 KGS.
PRS RMG 250 250 LTRS 200 LTRS 100 KGS.
PRS RMG 400 400 LTRS 320 LTRS 160 KGS.
PRS RMG 600 600 LTRS 480 LTRS 240 KGS.
PRS RMG 1000 1000 LTRS 800 LTRS 400 KGS.

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